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PYRO POINTS – Customer Rewards PROGRAM

Earn 1 Pyro Point for Every $1 Dollar You spend. Redeem Your Pyro Points for FREE Merchandise!

  50 Points 3 pack of Roman Candles with assorted tails
  75 Points 1 Gross (144 pieces) of World Class Bottle rockets or 1 Half Brick of American Fireworks Firecrackers
100 Points  Cocktail Paryt Aerial Finale Cake, or 6 pack of artillery shells
150 Points 12 piece of Dominator’s artillery shells
200 Points Echo in Ear 60g Canister artillery shell set
200 Points 500g aerial finale End Game, Backlash, or Givin’ Back, your choice
300 Points Premium 500g aerial America’s Pastime or Dead man’s Voyage, your choice
500 Points American Fireworks 5″ Super Shell Assortment or Total Dominance aerial assortment
750 Points Container Load – A Grand Finale in a Box Featuring 12 Pieces of 200g Cakes from Winda Fireworks
Over 1000 points Spend $1,000 or more and receive 50% of the purchase amount, less sales tax, in free fireworks with Coupon or mention this add for a VIP shopping spree.*Some restrictions apply *This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts, sales or offers.

Pyro Points never expire you may redeem them at any time. Save them for a special shopping spree!

We reserve the right to make substitutions. Available while supplies last. Excludes coupon offers and five dollar permit fee may apply.


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