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A Quick & Profitable way for your Organization to Raise Money

There is a big demand for American Fireworks which provides non-profit groups with the opportunity to earn significant amounts of money for your organization in a short period of time – and have fun doing it!


Youth Organizations, Sports Teams, Service Organizations, Religious Organizations – all groups are welcome! Your organization provides volunteers to work the stand or tent and American Fireworks provides EVERYTHING else necessary for a successful fundraiser.


Selling fireworks is fun and easy. With the support of our dedicated staff and your groups commitment, selling fireworks will be your #1 fundraiser. If your group has sufficient members to man a fireworks stand over a 7-10 day selling period, then fireworks sales is just the fundraising activity – it will be fun and profitable for your organization! Includes:

  • Exceptional Fireworks Products
  • Attractive Stands/Tents
  • Posters, signs and marketing help
  • Professional Dedicated Team


Location-Location-Location. American Fireworks provides your group with a prime secured location.


June 26-July 5 are approximate dates – but each location is different. Your sales representative can set-up the appropriate dates for your location.


Call us at 262-662-0300 or email us today!